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Pageviews and Popularity - The real deal.
Be an artist, not a number.
Many members of the artistic community here on DeviantART were shocked by a recent popular news article about how to become popular. I won't link to it because that would be foolish - but the mentality behind it was pageview orientated and made a 'mockery of all that deviantART stands for'.
So - to spell it out for everyone on DeviantART whos ever wanted more pageviews, I went to my nearest and dearest ' popular' artists and asked them what they thought about popularity and statistics.
The answer? They don't give a damn...
Your page views won't help you progress as an artist, and that is what you should be on this art site for.. the art..
Page views can be a feel good thing - I won't deny that - but it does not reflect how much your actual art is viewed, how sucessful or popular your art itself is, or even how popular you are.
Using cheap tactics as described in the article it is easy to generate high numbers of page views even with an EMPTY gallery.
:iconpoetryod:PoetryOD 974 376
Albert_Einstein :icongnux429:gnux429 308 81 Python Scales Macro :icontonicwind:Tonicwind 568 72
CEA UPdate for January 16, 2008
UPDATES FROM realitysquared : Clarifying the Issue; Tracing and Copying
Today I’d like to attempt to explain our official stance on such things as tracing and copying.
As most people are aware, deviantART does not restrict membership according to artistic experience or level of skill. As a result we have a large population of young, amateur artists, a great many of whom produce fan related artworks.
It is considered acceptable for artists to reuse or reference ideas, scenes, poses, and any other broad concept which may be found in the works of other artists. Generally speaking it is impossible to produce a new and original artwork which does not bear at least some passing resemblance to the works done in the past by other artists.
This is especially true when it comes to poses and character concepts. It is therefore entirely possible for two people to independently draw a stalking wolf without ever having seen each other’s wor
:iconrealitysquared:realitysquared 143 384
Stormbreakers :iconchvacher:chvacher 4,114 372
Vector Art: Misconceptions
The term vector is an anomaly to many here on deviantART. To some, it’s a method of creating art. To others, it’s a style of art. While the notions can go on, it must be made clear that the term ‘vector’ refers to a medium which branches out into a complex and ever-growing network of styles and methods, each one as unique and effective as the other.
Another common argument is that vectoring is merely copying or more specifically, </I>tracing</I>. This shall be discussed in depth in the later half of this article.
I. Methods
When creating vector art, the ‘pen tool’ is predominantly used followed by gradients, blends and, in some cases, mesh tool. Whatever the tools used, the results range from simple to complex and the more experienced of vector artists can assure you that what can be achieved in paint-capable programs (Adobe Photoshop, Painter, OpenCanvas, etc) can be emulated in vector-capable programs (Adobe Illustrator
:icontaho:taho 68 58
How 2 b popularz!!11
That is all.
:iconmixedpie:Mixedpie 239 193
Diablo in the Dark :iconredlobster:RedLobster 150 34
How to Avoid dArama
Believe it or not, I have no enemies on deviantART. None. I'm not saying everybody loves me, but I don't have any ongoing feuds, spammers, trolls, art thieves, or anything like that. I've been here for over four years, and these ten commandments are what keep me safely out of the flames.
I. If someone insults you, you don't have to retaliate.
So some anonymous bozo doesn't like you - so what? Learn to let it go. Hurling insults back only makes you look like a complete idiot.
Do you ever see this scenario? Troll insults Johnny, and Johnny argues with Troll, trying to prove Troll wrong and get him to apologize. Eventually they just end up flinging variations of "your mama" at each other.
It's fruitless, obviously, because trying to get a troll to be logical is like trying to empty a bucket with a soup strainer. So all that happens in the end is that the troll is still a troll, and you end up looking like just as big a jerk as he is.
Let insults slide off your back like wate
:iconthundercake:thundercake 1,021 325
How to NOT get more Popularity and Pageviews
According to the following story ( )that is how you get more popular. I am here to tell you all the evils of how to NOT have the pageviews or the allmighty popularity.
--Do Original Artwork--
Heaven forbid you make something that's not a fanart. Not drawing fanart will clearly result in millons of faves, and I mean... who would ever want such a thing? So... draw your own characters, create your own style, put time and effort into your work and you're golden! Such things will never result in any kind of attention, so you're good.
--Be Nice--
If you're nice to people, you'll get less attention. Since blocking and hiding any comments that offer advice on how to get better result in more love, you must always be nice and honest. Hiding comments and never asking for critiques makes you seem all mysterious and junk which is strangely attractive. Don't do it...
--Never Trace--
Thats the eas
:iconkarolinanoumenon:KarolinaNoumenon 581 645
Talented artist Part 14
Hi, I just want to introduce to you some very amazing artists on DA but they r not really popular (less than 30.000 pv), so please give them love cause they r totally deserved it:hug::hug:
Okie 15 more artists to go for this time :heart:
Thanks so much for those peoples who gave me some very great suggestion of great artists, it helps me much when I do this article:hug:
1. :iconandreaperrybevan: Can’t stop my heart falling in love with her beautiful gallery. This is what I totally call art :worship::worship: “Beauty is around here” & that s what I think at first sight I see her art:heart: but pity, she has only 700 pvs :(

2.:iconLumierre: Very beautiful gallery with full of great photos. She has very gorgeous style. Love every photo she takes and some even look like draw:wow::wow: Go and give more love for her please:love:
:iconhellobaby:Hellobaby 86 34
Bad Ichigo :iconorioto:Orioto 6,538 759 Anger management :iconorioto:Orioto 4,525 621


  • Listening to: Tiesto
  • Reading: The Dark Tower: Wolves of the Calla
  • Watching: Harry Potter
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XII
  • Eating: KFC Spicy Dinner Plate
  • Drinking: Liquid
Somebody please tell me where can I get a copy of the original print of The Dark Tower Volume VII. Preferably in Kuala Lumpur.



Yuudai "Ookami" Tendou
Current Residence: Malaysia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: S
Print preference: Color
Favourite genre of music: Listenable
Favourite photographer: Me
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MP3 player of choice: Winamp
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Wallpaper of choice: Non-toxic
Skin of choice: Brown
Favourite cartoon character: Cigarette Carton
Personal Quote: "Person"


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